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Your Long-Term Investment Management Firm and Tampa, Florida Investment Advisor

Suncoast Equity Management, Inc., is dedicated to providing you with what we believe is a time-tested strategy with proven success. Established in 1997, we are an investment management firm in Tampa, Florida. As a registered investment advisor, we offer a portfolio of stocks in carefully selected, high-quality corporations. This portfolio of stocks is designed for the long term, and has delivered above-average returns and less risk.

Suncoast Equity Management

Our approach for long-term investment begins by selecting a group of companies that meet the stringent criteria of Suncoast Equity Management’s Disciplined Investment System (abbreviated as SEM-DIS). Through this 5-step system, our investment management experts employ the proven philosophy of Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. Like Graham and Buffett, we believe true wealth is created through investing in top-quality companies for the long term.

Our successful investment management strategy was created and is supervised by our president and chief investment officer, Donald R. Jowdy. With business experience of more than 20 years, Mr. Jowdy has studied the investment techniques of the world’s leading investors. His extensive research shows that the investment principles of Graham and Buffett yield long-term results.

Using Suncoast Equity Management’s Disciplined Investment System (SEM-DIS), our investment advisors in Tampa Bay are able to invest successfully because we think in terms of years, not days, weeks, or months. Investing in common stocks over the long haul is indeed profitable, but in order to do well, investors must be focused on the long term. Sudden changes in the stock market can be expected in the short term. Managed properly, stock market price fluctuations should not jeopardize one’s future.

Our investment management principles have attracted clients from far and wide. We serve a diverse group of clients, including high net-worth individuals, trust funds, endowments, foundations, corporations, retirement accounts, and financial planners in search of investment opportunities for their own clients.

To learn more about Suncoast Equity Management, please call our office at (813) 963-0502 or e-mail us at We will be glad to speak or meet with you about our firm and the performance of our investments.


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