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Investment Management Advantages from Your Tampa, Florida Investment Advisor

At Suncoast Equity Management, LLC, we take a proactive approach toward our clients, especially in the areas of verbal and written communication. As your Florida investment advisor, here are just a few of many advantages we offer to you when you become our client:

  • You will have direct access to our portfolio management team
  • Quarterly portfolio reports and reviews
  • Client results reported net of all fees
  • Client meetings with Suncoast Equity Management as often as desired

History shows us that successful wealth management requires us to think in terms of years, and not in days, weeks, or months. By reviewing investments over 10-, 20-, and 30-year periods, we’ve found that no investment has performed better than common stocks—not even bonds, real estate, or precious metals.

It’s true that common stocks may experience unpleasant bumps for two days or even up to two consecutive years. However, profitable investing requires patience and an investment management technique for selecting and holding a small group of high-quality companies for the long term.

Financial planners and other professionals who try to make a profit by timing or predicting stock market movements are rarely accurate or effective. In addition, the tax consequences of moving in and out of stocks can be significant. Conversely, we follow the time-tested advice of investment guru Warren Buffett: “If you are not willing to own a stock for 10 years, don’t even think about owning it for 10 minutes.”

We believe you will find investing in the common stock of high-quality businesses is a very worthwhile experience. For example, we invest in businesses that have low to moderate debt, above-average return on capital, and generate excess cash flow. These high-quality companies are much more prepared to weather any economic storm or general decline in the stock market.

During tough times, the high-quality companies we select are also better able to take advantage of growth opportunities such as purchasing competitors at distressed prices. Another opportunity during general stock market decline is the chance for the company to repurchase their own shares at a discount, which reduces the number of shares outstanding and increases the profit-per-share for investors—investors like you.

The heart of the Suncoast Equity Management advantage is our in-depth process of researching and screening the very best stock purchases, and then constructing a portfolio that will perform for generations. That’s why our focus as financial advisors is establishing long-lasting client relationships. Please call or e-mail Suncoast Equity Management, LLC to learn more about our investment management approach and meet with us in our Tampa, Florida offices. We look forward to hearing from you.