About Us

Suncoast Equity Management, Your Investment Management Experts in Tampa, Florida

Founded in 1997 in Tampa, Florida, Suncoast Equity Management, LLC is an investment management firm committed to building upon and preserving your personal net worth. We do this by investing in the common stock of high-quality companies over the long term. In doing so, our portfolio has earned returns above the market averages since inception.

Our strategy was developed and is managed by our founder and chief investment officer, Donald R. Jowdy. Mr. Jowdy has avidly studied the investment techniques of some of the leading investors in the world. After extensive research, Mr. Jowdy created a five-step process called the Suncoast Equity Management Disciplined Investment System (SEM-DIS), which is based on the time-tested, proven investment principles of Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. Through our investment management system, we are able to carefully select a portfolio of stocks that clients can hold on to for a long time while incurring less risk than the overall market as represented by the S&P 500 Total Return Index. ¹

Our investment management team in Tampa, Florida serves many different types of investors from numerous locations. Our clients include individuals, corporations, retirement funds, trust funds, private investors, and financial planners seeking an opportunity for their own clientele.

At Suncoast Equity Management, your success is our success. Therefore, we take client relationships very seriously, and good communication is a central theme in our relationship with our clients. We encourage both current clients and potential clients to contact our investment management team at our Tampa, Florida headquarters. We’ll be happy to meet with you personally.

Thank you for your interest in Suncoast Equity Management. We hope to help you fulfill your need for a Tampa, Florida investment advisor. Please feel free to e-mail or call us any time for more information.

¹ Source: PSN