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  • 26.25 year history.
  • 18-22 high quality, high return on capital large capitalization companies.
  • Annual turnover less than 20% since inception.
  • Ranked in the top 10% in both the eVestment Large-Cap Core and Large-Cap Growth Equity peer groups since inception.¹
  • 26.25 year track record that has achieved a annualized alpha of 4.03 (vs the S&P 500) with a beta of only .83, gross of fees.¹
  • Since inception has achieved a 96.44% upside market capture ratio with only a gross 72.74% downside capture ratio, gross of fees. ¹
  • Portfolio managed by a team that has been together for 17 plus years with no turnover and is two thirds represented by women/minorities.
  • Investment team and senior firm leadership has significant personal assets invested in the strategy.
  • All employees have personal assets invested in the strategy through the company pension and profit-sharing plan.

¹ (Source: eVestment 12/31/1997-3/31/2024)

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Dividend Growth

  • 7.25 year history.
  • 18-22 high quality, consistently growing companies with a history of raising their dividends annually.
  • The current risk adjusted ranking is in the top 1% of the eVestment US Dividend Focus Equity peer group and has consistently outperformed the S&P while incurring less risk based on standard deviation.¹
  • Awarded best large cap strategy of 2021 by SMArtX, one of the largest TAMP’s in the industry.
  • Assigned 5 stars by Morningstar.¹
  • Annualized gross alpha is 4.22 with a beta of 0.87 vs the S&P 500.¹
  • Since inception, this strategy has achieved 102.81% of the upside and 82.99% of the downside capture, gross of fees.¹

¹ (Source: eVestment 12/31/2016-3/31/2024)

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SMID Growth

  • 6.75 year track record.
  • 20-30 high quality small to mid capitalization companies.
  • The track record is ranked in the top 5% and top 25% range of the eVestment small-mid cap core/small-mid cap growth equity peer group since inception respectively.¹
  • Annualized alpha is 5.07 with a beta of 0.94 vs the S&P 400 Growth, gross of fees.¹
  • Since inception upside capture of 119.09% with 96.81% downside, gross of fees.¹

¹(Source: eVestment 6/30/2017-3/31/2024)

Fact Sheet