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Our Philosophy

Investment Management Philosophy from Your Nationally Recognized Investment Advisor Headquartered in Tampa, Florida

At Suncoast Equity Management, we understand that getting to know our firm and our investment management philosophy is essential before you decide to invest with us. We welcome you to visit our Tampa headquarters, meet our dedicated team of driven financial experts, and discover how our high-quality, long-term investment portfolio can deliver both reduced risk and satisfying returns.

“Our investment management philosophy is unique among our peers. We believe that true wealth is created and preserved through investing in top-quality companies for the long term. Adopted from the proven strategies and results of two of the most successful investment practitioners over the last century—Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham—our objective is to consistently produce rates of return above market averages and above most other money managers while taking less risk since inception.”

– Don Jowdy

Three core principles

underpin our investment management philosophy:

1. Investing in businesses, not stocks:

We view each investment as becoming part owners of a business. This approach goes beyond merely buying and selling shares and focuses on understanding individual companies, providing us with a lasting advantage.

2. Embracing a margin of safety:

We actively seek opportunities to minimize the risk of permanent capital loss. A larger margin of safety equates to a lower likelihood of loss.

3. A unique stock market approach and attitude:

Our top priority is to evaluate the intrinsic value of each company we invest in, capitalizing on favorable stock market pricing. We do not attempt to predict or outmaneuver daily stock market movements.

Reduce risk while achieving above-average returns

Our success stems from owning above-average businesses with robust balance sheets and moderate to low debt. By investing in a select group of exceptional companies, we reduce risk while achieving above-average returns compared to the market and most other money managers in our peer group over the long term. ¹

We have observed that many money managers and individual investors focus on short-term stock price predictions without considering the advantages of long-term ownership. Since finding truly valuable investments can be challenging, we dedicate our efforts to researching and identifying outstanding companies with integrity and promising long-term growth prospects. These are the companies that deserve our investments.

¹ Source: Morningstar Overall and PSN rankings among Large Cap Growth and Large Cap Core peer groups

Wealth Management

Comprehensive recommendations and plans for individuals and families encompassing equities, fixed income, tax planning, risk management, and estate planning with unparalleled expertise.


Institutions & Financial Advisors

Suncoast partners with a select group of Financial Advisors and Consultants. A boutique service-minded investment manager with a proven consistent track record.