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Portfolio Management

Suncoast’s Portfolio Management

The portfolio management process plays a key role in terms of how our company manages risks.

It is our goal to help investors maximize returns, minimize risk tolerance, and accomplish their long-term financial goals. Our disciplined focus on investment diversification and long-term returns assists our clients in these efforts.

Diversification is a standard process that disperses capital to limit exposure to any one type of asset. To reduce portfolio volatility our advisors first work with you to understand your individual investment style and objectives and then identify the appropriate portfolio holding that are aligned. Our actively managed equity and fixed income portfolios provide effective diversification with a concentrated group of holdings that are deeply understood by our investment team. As Warren Buffet stated, “Diversification is protection against ignorance. It makes little sense if you know what you’re doing.”, research shows that the benefits of diversification are optimized at between 20 and 30 holdings. The longevity and knowledge within our company has positioned us to manage personalized client portfolios. Our Financial Advisory Team finds personalized investment opportunities that align with our clients’ objectives.

Suncoast’s Commitment

Our investment management commitment to you as your Tampa, Florida investment advisor

Once you retain the services of Suncoast Equity Management as your Florida investment advisor, our commitment to you is to build upon and preserve your wealth.

On your behalf, our investment management team will invest for long-term capital appreciation potential. More specifically, we have increased wealth since inception by:

  1. Carefully researching high-quality companies
  2. Choosing the companies that meet our stringent criteria
  3. Investing in those companies showing the greatest potential for long-term growth and stability

Reducing risk is an equally important objective.

By investing in wisely selected, high-quality companies over the long term, our Tampa financial group can ignore day-to-day stock fluctuations.

We take this responsibility very seriously and will treat our relationship with you as a partnership. We realize your success is our success, and we value each client relationship. Our business is a very personal one and we want client relationships that will endure for generations.

At Suncoast Equity Management, we believe that good communication is an important part of any successful investment program.

We take a proactive approach towards client verbal and written communication, which includes quarterly portfolio reviews and letters, meetings with clients as desired, and monthly reconciliation to custodial statements. If you would like to speak or meet personally with anyone from our investment management team, please call our Tampa, Florida offices.

As a client, you have the opportunity to directly access the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of the company, Donald R. Jowdy.

This benefit is not commonly available to clients who employ other larger investment management firms across the country, especially mutual funds. Any time you wish to meet with Mr. Jowdy or someone else from our investment management team in Tampa, Florida headquarters, please call us to schedule an appointment.

Headshot of Donald R. Jowdy

Whether you’re from the Tampa Bay area, located in other parts of Florida, or living across the country, client service is paramount and clients are encouraged to confer with us on a regular basis.

There are four types of Portfolio Management:

Our portfolio managers take an Active Portfolio Management approach. Suncoast Equity Management’s investment management team discovers promising stocks based on their criteria. Our portfolio managers have the discretionary authority to select stocks for the portfolio on behalf of clients. Our boutique firm can make portfolio decisions that serve in your best interest. We have helped many of our clients outperform the market, lower risks, and generate steady returns.

1. Active Portfolio Management

Portfolio managers actively sell and buy stocks & bonds using qualitative strategies.

2. Passive Portfolio Management

This is where portfolio management services build and manage a fixed portfolio of index funds like ETFs corresponding to current market conditions.

3. Discretionary Portfolio Management

Investors select portfolio managers to make financial decisions on their behalf based on their goals and level of desired risk.

4. Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management

In this case, portfolio managers only have the option to advise on the best investment plans, while the decision-making authority rests solely with the investors.