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Research Built to Outperform

The Unwavering Commitment
to Fundamentals

The Suncoast Difference

There is a reason why our team is personally invested in our strategies. While other managers have changed their processes as new technology and trends emerge, at Suncoast our disciplined process has persisted because the fundamentals do not change. We believe you will share our conviction as you learn more about our research process.

A History of Outperformance

Suncoast Equity Management has, on average, outperformed the market for its clients for over 26 years.

Under the guidance of the firm’s founder, Donald Jowdy, Suncoast became a top 10% Performer within the industry over three, five, and ten year time horizons. Industry consultants like Effron/PSN and Nelson’s Investment Manager Database measured results across investment firms to determine Suncoast was performing in the Top 10%.

Before founding Suncoast Equity Management in 1997, Donald Jowdy worked alongside legendary investor David Polen at the inception of his firm Polen Capital Management. During his tenure with Polen, Mr. Jowdy was instrumental in developing the firm’s investment process which helped drive the company’s growth from a small boutique firm to one of the largest growth managers in the industry. Before joining Polen, he also served as an Equity Analyst for domestic and global investment opportunities at the firm 13D Research.

Gold Standard of Research

We believe there is a very good reason we have, on average, outperformed the market for the last 25 years. We believe our proprietary research process is unique in the market and one of the most important aspects is that it starts from the bottom up. We are not top-down managers, all of our investments start with company-specific research on organizations that have emerged from our proprietary in-house screening process. We are not just buying stocks, we truly believe that we are part owners investing in these organizations, and that’s why we approach it the same way a CFO would. These are not just snapshots in time of balance sheets and income statements. Our formula takes into consideration the competitive advantages we believe our companies possess in their respective marketplaces. Furthermore, when you work with Suncoast you get the benefit of 25 years of accumulated research that is constantly updated and vetted to identify existing and future opportunities.  One of the most important aspects this process reveals is the concept of  “Margin of Safety”, that results in a deep understanding of a company’s financial statements over a long period of time. We believe that this has allowed us to provide excess returns while taking less risk. Our ultimate goal is to always try to win by not losing.

Portfolio Performance

Get More Insight Over Portfolio Performance

Suncoast Equity Management is a boutique firm. We do not have red tape and let you access anyone on our team. Clients can speak with key decision makers on our team to discuss our strategies. We make ourselves accessible to our clients instead of having several gatekeepers blocking you from critical information.

We Eat Our Own Cooking

The bottom line, our investment professionals have meaningful amounts of their own personal wealth invested in these strategies. We don’t buy anything for a client that we don’t own ourselves. We think this should give you the confidence that our interests are as perfectly aligned with you and your clients as possible.