Our Services

Services for Investment Management from your Tampa, Florida Investment Advisor

When you become a client of Suncoast Equity Management, LLC, you will find that the service we offer is focused on your needs. As an investment management firm, we provide investment advisor services to individuals, families, and foundations as well as to corporate pensions, profit-sharing plans, and individual retirement accounts.

Our investment management service to you consists of constructing and managing an individual portfolio of high-quality stocks designed to grow and preserve your personal net worth over the long term. In applying a disciplined, bottom-up approach to stock selection, we invest in only the highest quality companies whose earnings and subsequent value should grow in the years to come.

Once Suncoast Equity Management becomes your investment advisor, you can look forward to the following investment management services:

Quarterly reports and monthly reconciliation statements—Good communication is essential to any successful investment program. Quarterly portfolio reviews and monthly reconciliation statements are a part of our proactive approach toward keeping our clients informed and answering their questions.

Letters to investors from the Founder/Chief Investment Officer—Suncoast Equity Management is one of the few investment management firms that offers one-on-one communication and access to the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of our company, Donald R. Jowdy. As a client, you will receive informative letters from Mr. Jowdy on a quarterly basis. In addition, you are welcome to call our Tampa office and speak to Mr. Jowdy directly about your investment management concerns.

Direct access to a top investment advisor ¹—Our clients have direct access to Suncoast Equity Management’s entire staff including our Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Donald R. Jowdy. You will not find this benefit available to clients of larger investment management firms across the country, especially mutual funds. Clients are encouraged to personally confer with us on a regular basis as desired. Mr. Jowdy will be glad to sit down with you for an investment management meeting in our Tampa headquarters.

Our commitment to you—As your financial advisor in Florida, Suncoast Equity Management is committed to reducing risk while simultaneously building upon and preserving your wealth.

Long-term relationship—The stock market may fluctuate and forecasts may change, but Suncoast Equity Management is here to build and preserve your wealth during the next 10, 20, and 30 years from now. Our investment management team in Tampa, Florida takes pride in building and establishing a relationship with each and every client, a relationship that will last for generations. Long-term investing in high-quality companies is the secret to building your wealth with less risk.

Your success is our success—At Suncoast Equity Management, we invest in our own product. Therefore, we are personally invested in building your wealth.

¹ Source: Morningstar Overall and PSN rankings among Large Cap Growth and Large Cap Core peer groups